Permanent Life Insurance


Permanent Life Insurance provides just that, coverage for your entire lifetime. This type of insurance offers the peace of mind that your premiums will never increase and in the event of your passing, your beneficiaries are guaranteed to receive a tax free benefit.

Your beneficiaries can use the funds to maintain their quality of life, cover any immediate needs such as a mortgage as well as pay for unexpected expenses such as capital gains on any assets you leave them in your Will. Some Permanent polices can build cash value which you can borrow against or withdraw to help meet future goals. There is usually a waiting period until you can access the accumulated cash value as it needs time to grow.

How much coverage you require will depend on several factors such as your lifestyle, age, number of dependents, income and assets. You can use our online Life Insurance Calculator to help you estimate how much is enough to ensure your loved ones are financially secure.

Here at ISI we are able to offer a range of Permanent Life Insurance plans from leading Canadian insurance providers, thus providing an opportunity to choose the plan that is just right for you. Get your free no-obligation Permanent Life Insurance quote now.

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