... I just wanted to send you guys an e-mail telling you how pleased I am having worked with Brett to solve my life insurance needs. He went above and beyond his duties to pursue my success in getting the insurance. Even though I had been rejected, Brett was able to pursue it up the line to end with their re-considering my application. It came to a successful end, and I am very happy how it has worked out as getting insurance at age 55 is a challange. I will not hesitate to recommend Brett to my friends and family. When my house/car insurance come up next year I willl also be in touch with him to see what he can do. Many thanks again to Brett. He is a pleasure to deal with and I see big things in the future for him.

Nora Madden (Whitby, ON)

... Today we had a visit from one of your ISI sales Agents here in Surrey BC. His name is Shane Asgari who came to help us regarding our Insurance needs. Most Insurance agents are there to make a immediately sale and do not always explain the Insurance policy. Shane Asgari was the complete opposite he took time to explain what we have and what changes we need to make. This a refreshing approach taken by a young person who was there to help us in our Insurance needs. Your company should be very proud of this Agent SHANE - it is not very often one comes along with this kind of attitude.

Ron Watson & Lilia Robles (Surrey, BC)

... ISI is a company that takes the hardest part of the sale out of the picture by providing fixed appointments. Any agent that has been in the industry for awhile knows that getting the appointment is 80% of the sale. ISI, well done so far!

Bob Ferguson (London, ON)

Top shelf. It’s a sure-fire way to ramp up your business. I only wish this had been available at the start of my career. The system works by allowing you the time to concentrate on your prospects rather than having to find them. It also builds your knowledge of the business in other areas such as companies, products, strategies and underwriting. When you have so many appointments you learn fast. The team in Woodbridge are the best, I’ve been in the business a long time and haven’t worked with better.

Jim MacDonald (Belleville, ON)

Speaking specifically about an ISI lead he received: This lady was born in 1932 and on her seventy-ninth birthday, Tuesday, she came in and bought a $50,000 life policy for an annual premium of $6047.50, which she paid in full. The policy has already been approved and commissions authorized. My point is just never know what will happen. This was the perfect appointment resulting in over $7000 in commissions. Keep the appointments coming!

Ken MacCoy (Chilliwack, BC)

Working with ISI has put "Life" back in my business. Leads provide thorough information that allow for appropriate preparation and even pre-consultation with ISI in-house experts leading to effective presentations that result in high percentage closings. As an agent, I've had to broaden my market to meet client needs effectively raising my game. I've never written so much business!

Tim Forster (Caledon, ON)

Being in the business for many years (since 1973) and having dealt with different MGA's, I find ISI by far the MGA of the future. They provide qualified leads to their advisors, which is in essence 90% of an advisors business needs. ISI staff project to us professionalism, knowledge and efficient service. Today's market is very volatile, especially in the investment area and no one can ever say for certain how a year will play out. But being associated with ISI is very encouraging. It's reassuring to have an MGA that is always thinking of different ways to keep the broker advised of new product lines and has continuing education seminars that keep the advisor well informed.

Richard McDermid (Cornwall, ON)

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your team in Orlando. The leads I have been getting from ISI have steadily been getting better in quality and have assisted me to take my insurance practice to the next level of growth. I have never looked back and questioned my decision since starting my partnership with ISI. When and if I have an problems, I know I can call one of a number of people on your team and I am consistently greeted with a friendly person on the other end of the phone who is more than willing to help resolve my problem. Additionally, I find it encouraging that they even accept my ideas for improving the system and although not all are adopted I know they have been considered. I don;t know what you add to the air in the Orlando office but I want some. Their attitudes are always positive and help to keep me motivated. Where else can I get a marketing team working for me consistently and getting me qualified leads willing to meet face to face and you only ask for a percentage of my success? I can't find that staff arrangement here in my city. Thank you! I'm glad to have people such as Melissa, Priscilla, yourself and Gary on my collective team. Regards,

Dean Kennedy (Hammonds Plains, NS)

I often take the time to praise anyone who gives me OUTSTANDING customer service and tonight ... I want to do the same. I cant say enough about John Housser, who spend a few hours at our home tonight taking the time to explain the insurance industry. I was amazed at his comprehensive knowledge level. There was NO question he could not address. Furthermore, he took the time to perform some comparison scenarios ....that really enlightened us to the best plan that would fit our needs. He, at no time ever pressured us to take on any policy. He was most genuine and we felt for the first time, that this was a man who really cared about finding the right fit for our life circumstances. I cant say enough about this mans’ professionalism. While we have a modest home, he made it a point to remove his shoes of which most people do not. We appreciated that. Also, I was impressed by his professional stance and dress...he looked very professional and demonstrated his pitch with class. And actually, it did not even seem like a the wonderful way he presented the various plans. For the first time in my life, we are confident with this mans guidance. Without putting down other insurance brokers he stayed focussed on offering us a plan ....that fits our needs. I am so grateful to John for not rushing the evening and making us feel important. This is the type of man who should be selling insurance policys. He is upfront and honest. Highly skilled and knowledgeable. Very personable and genuine! I cant say enough about JOhns style and professionalism!! A classy, impressionalbe gentleman! IN closing, I compliment you on choosing such a reputable man to represent your insurance company. You did a fine choosing! I am going to pass his name along to both my sons and a friend who is currently seeking insurances. Please let John know how grateful we are to him for coming out to our house... in a snowstorm, just to meet our time retraint. It was so appreciated and we are so glad to have met this man! Our warmest appreciation to John for his efforts - he delivered extraordinary service!! Respectfully yours,

Dennis and Brenda Gaines (Brantford, ON)

... I really appreciate you coming to speak with me personally and too, your straightforwardness. It seems to me, with a family background in sales, that service is becoming a lost commodity, one that sets apart someone we feel comfortable dealing with. Again my thanks and assurance that we will be dealing with you.

Karen & Roger Bowden (Schomberg, ON)


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